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Our school’s curriculum is based on social interaction, discovery, exploration, fine and gross motor skills, and creative expression. The children engage in various age appropriate activities such as music, art, dance, dramatic play, listening center, block corner, storytelling, arts and crafts, and physical education. Early childhood academics are studied where the children are immersed with literature, language arts, and arithmetic.
The children focus on a balance of teacher directed and child directed activities during the day with a harmonious transfer between passive and active exercises. Each class is taught by a New York State certified teacher with an assistant. The classrooms are equipped with learning centers of high quality materials. All classrooms have a housekeeping, block, writing, art, science, math, manipulatives, dress-up, and library center. A safe surface outdoor playground is located in the backyard with park equipment for play. The children are scheduled for daily outdoor play weather permitting. The school has central air conditioning and heat to regulate a comfortable learning environment.
Daily routines are established and the children engage in musical circle time and free play. Thematic units are conducted during weekly learning activities. Parents are provided with a daily progress report and a monthly academic calendar.  Our goal is for children to achieve successful social skills and build a good rapport with their peers and teachers. Finally, Stepping Stones Nursery School is committed to providing their students with the safest child friendly environment for learning and the highest quality of programs around.
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