Five-Year-Old Program Kindergarten

This group will be engaged in all subject areas- Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Poetry, Spanish, and Physical Education along with a focus on social-emotional skill-building.  These students will be introduced to a balanced literacy approach and will be immersed in Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop. 

Our Reading curriculum is individualized to each student’s reading level.  The children will learn to read books at their level as well as challenged to read advanced texts.  There will be a focus on word study where the children will learn high-frequency words and study word families.  They will begin the writer’s process by learning the early stages of how to write stories beginning with drawing pictures to tell a story and moving to write with sentences. 

In Math the students will use the Go Math curriculum to learn about the following topics; numbers to 10, two-dimensional and three- dimensional shapes, comparison of length, weight, capacity, and numbers to 10, number pairs, addition and subtraction to 10, numbers 10-20 and counting to 100, analyzing, comparing, and composing shapes.

Children will spend time during Word Study strengthening their knowledge of spelling, red words, and spelling rules through kinesthetic, auditory, and visual exercises through the Fundations curriculum.  Fundations is multisensory and systematic phonics, spelling, and handwriting program that benefits all K-3 students. 

In Science, the children will be exploring scientific topics while conducting experiments to make sense of the world around them. Social Studies topics will embrace self and others, geography, humans and the environment, civic ideals and practices, time, continuity, and economic systems.

Kindergarteners will be introduced to the language of Spanish in a fun and natural way. We will focus on words and sayings in Spanish such as greetings and introductions, colors, numbers, clothes, food, body, feelings, I like……, and I want………phrases.

During Physical Education we will provide Kindergarteners with a foundation of concepts in body and space awareness which will be developed through locomotor and non-locomotor physical activities. Through exploration, students will begin to identify how movement affects the body and mind.

 In addition, the Kindergarten class will get to journey on many class trips throughout the year that will enhance the school curriculum. The Kindergarten class will have daily homework assignments in subject areas and independent reading books will be sent home for students to read.