School Philosophy

Stepping Stones is an early childhood facility licensed by The New York City Department of Mental Health and Hygiene offering programs for children ages two to five. Stepping Stones is a safe and secure childcare facility with an educational curriculum that focuses on developing a love of learning. Close personal attention to each child is essential to providing an educational experience for all children; therefore adequate personnel ensure each child has the proper supervision under Stepping Stones management.

Children at Stepping Stones will engage in large and small muscle activities, sensory and discovery exploration, social interaction and creative expression. Stepping Stones is equipped with age appropriate activities where children experience music, art, dramatic play, housekeeping center, block corner, sand and water play, puzzles, table games, library, storytelling, outdoor play, computer time and field trips. Classroom set-up is also key to a productive educational day. We pride ourselves on the classroom formation and positioning of learning and play centers.

The school focuses on fine motor, gross motor, and cognitive skills in a fun nurturing environment. The curriculum also involves teaching academic subjects through a thematic approach to provide a balance between teacher directed and child directed activities. Stepping Stones provides a wealth of opportunities for children to become independent thinkers through individual and group activities.

Head teachers at Stepping Stones have qualified backgrounds in education. They are trained by the Directors to provide the best education for your child. Each program at Stepping Stones will prepare every child for social emotional growth in their future elementary school years.

The philosophy is surrounded by the idea of being open minded to the current trends in early childhood education. It stresses the importance of parent involvement, building a connection with students and establishing good communication with staff.  Being positive role models for the students and preparing them for academic success is a key school component.

Parent involvement is essential in all of the programs. Parents add to the school’s curriculum by sharing their talents with the students and assisting with class activities (such as plays, parties, trips, and special events). Inside the classrooms, parents are a part of the learning environment and work together with the teachers. New ideas are welcomed and parent interaction is strongly encouraged.

Stepping Stones believes in daily routines in order to provide a safe and fun learning atmosphere. Children are encouraged to express their emotions and to value their relationships with their peers and teachers.

Finally, the most important aspect of the philosophy of education involves building a good rapport with all of the students. It is a crucial factor in order to obtain classroom management, respect for each other, and a positive learning environment. The students should think of their school as their second home and their classmates as their extended family. The classroom is where children spend most of their days and the children should feel a sense of belonging and comfort in order for the learning process to effectively take place in the Stepping Stones Family.